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@huxch: Allow her to reintroduce herself

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reasons to date me

ill let you touch my butt

ill do cute lil things like kiss your forehead and boop your nose

ill make you pizza even if it’s 2 am bc woo pizza!!

concert dates 

ill make you mixtapes of your favorite band

im always available because all i do is sleep all day

you can sleep all day with me it’d be v nice!!!

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reasons to date me


  • i will wear knee high stockings
  • i will try to cook u meals
  • i will only wear pants when required of me
  • we can listen to cool music together
  • u don’t have to worry about me cheating cuz my appearance prevents that
  • you can touch my butt literally whenever
  • i will kiss u all the time
  • pLEASE
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reasons to date me:
• i like good music.
• no one will ever try to steal me from you.
• i’ll cook you bacon.
• we would make out a lot.
• we can play video games together.
…that’s all i can think of.

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Reasons to date me:
• You can kiss me when ever
• We will do whatever you want because I’m not good at making plans
• You can grab my boobs or ass whenever you feel like it
• I have a really comfy bed and nice sheets
• I’ll smoke weed with you

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reasons to date me


• im funny sometimes
• i have a butt
• you can touch the butt
• you can touch the butt in public
• you can touch the butt whenever
• yeah

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Reasons to date me:

  1. I like cuddles
  2. I like food
  3. Like really fuckin’ love food
  4. kiss me whenever, yo’
  5. Probz have sex like 14 times a day, idk
  6. I’m lonely as shit
  7. Please…
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